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Two Must Have Reference Books for Sale by Clan Cunningham International

A Travel Guide to Clan Cunningham Historical Sites Around the World, Volume One: Scotland, presents 119 pages of detailed descriptions, pictures, maps, and driving directions to over 35 castles, monuments, stately homes, and villages related to Clan Cunningham in Scotland.  A list of over
55 other potential Clan historical sites is also included to encourage the curious to conduct their own research and field studies and share any of their discoveries with CCI.  Any newly found sites will be included in a future edition of this outstanding travel guide.

The 65 page illustrated "The Clan Cunningham History Book" presents a summary of the Clan's ancient history and articles on the origin of its name,
its Coat of Arms, the Earls of Glencairn, cadet branches, Clan feuds, Clan tartans, and the Scots-Irish connection in early America.  Biographies of noteworthy Cunninghams in the UK and USA are also presented.

A dedicated team of CCI members wrote the Guide book in 2012 and the History book in 2007.  Both books are sold in a printable CD format PDF).
Funds raised from the sale of these CD's will help CCI continue to provide its growing membership with a quarterly newsletter, an excellent website, genealogical services, and CCI tents at Scottish Games and Festivals around the world.

Each CD is just $15.00 (USD) including shipping via the US Postal Service.  Please send your mailing address and a check or USD money order made
out to Clan Cunningham International, Inc. to:

CCI Sales
c/o Dr. Bill Cunningham
290 Main St.
Pittsfield, ME 04967 USA

Contact Dr. Bill at if you have any questions.