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Cunningham Hunting

also known as Nicolson/MacNicol Tartan

District of Ayrshire Tartan

What may be the oldest Cunningham tartan

This Cunningham tartan was found in the Wilson’s of Bannochburn registry (a weaving firm founded c1770 near Stirling).

Crest Badge of a member of Clan Cunningham

(may be worn by any Cunningham clansman)

Shakefork & Motto: "Over Fork Over"

A representation of an ancient shakefork (pitchfork) made from a tree limb with forked branches. Symbol for the clan motto: “Over Fork Over” which is a story of two Malcolms: Malcolm Canmore, Prince of Scotland and Malcolm, son of Friskin, a lowland farmer. As Prince Malcolm fled MacBeth’s forces, he took refuge in a haystack while Malcolm, son of Friskin, covered him “over, fork over” with hay; using the shakefork. When Canmore later came to the throne as Malcolm III, he remembered how his life was spared and rewarded the Thanedome of Cunningham to Malcolm, son of Friskin.

Cunningham Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms usage is controlled by Scottish law and is under jurisdiction of the Office of the Lord Lyon of Scotland. Cunningham Coat of Arms as shown is not for personal use.