Welcome to Clan Cunningham International !

Clan Cunningham International, founded in 2002 is a non-political,non-sectarian, all volunteer, non-profit corporation registered in the Stat of Tennesse. As a registered non-profit organization, under IRS Code Section 501(c) (3), (public educational charity) all donations to support its activities are tax deductible within the limitation of federal tax codes for donors who are US citizens.
Membership is open to all Cunninghams around the world by birth, marriage, or adoption, and to the descendants of the Associated Families of the Districts of Cunninghame and Ayrshire in Scotland, as well as to anyone with an interest in or wishing to promote the great heritage of Clan Cunningham. 
The organization has evolved and grown greatly in these few short years and represents Clan Cunningham at Scottish Games and Celtic festivals all over the United States, Canada, Scotland and New Zealand, just to mention a few. And our presence isn't limited strictly to the US! We now have
members in New Zealand, England, Canada, and Scotland.
Our Clan Chief, Sir John Christopher Foggo Montgomery Cuninghame, Baronet of Corsehill, is a member of our Governing Council.
A list of Associated Families, list of our Governing Council, By-Laws, and other important information may be found on this web-site.

Clan Cunningham is a proud member of the Council of Scottish Clans and Associations since 2002.

Chief's Message

Dear Clan Members, 
During the last year I have done little to contribute to the life and progress of Clan Cunningham. It has been a difficult and worrying year for me particularly as my wife, Laura, nearly had to spend Christmas in hospital for the second year running. Fortunately that did not happen and we had a quiet Happy Christmas at home.  But that is enough about me.  
 I was on the point of sending an enthusiastic and inspiriting letter to you just after the start of the Highland Games season, but then came the terrible hurricanes followed by the floods and then the worst fires in California’s history. I thought you would have many more pressing thoughts on your mind and that it would be inappropriate to write such a letter to you at that moment of time. I pray that none of your relations or friends were involved in these disasters. 
 During the last few months I have spent some of my time refreshing my knowledge of the history of medieval Scotland. One of the subjects which interests me was the origins of the perceived differences between the Highlands and the Lowlands, or rather the Highlanders and the Lowlanders. I have no pretentions of being a scholar in Scottish history, but I thought the observations might be of interest to you. The full article can be viewed on the Clan’s website (www.clancunninghamintl.org) 
  hope that all of you have had a very joyful Christmas and I warmly wish you a very successful and Happy New Year. If we each added one new member to the clan that would be one success.  
With my best wishes, John M. Cuninghame of that Ilk

President's Message

Hello All,
​ Once again it's time to dust off the family tartan and head out to the Scottish Games. Please spend time at your Clan tent and catch up on the latest, greet and talk to the public, share information about the Scottish Arts Scholarship Fund and the Triennial Scotland trip, including a stop at the Glencairn Aisle. Please update your Cunningham line with our Genealogist, Barbara Ball as soon as possible! She has a wonderful program that can link individuals, but we must provide her the Cunningham ancestry for this to work. Now that dates have been decided for the 2019 Triennial Meeting in Scotland, the sponsored trip details will be mailed down so be sure to read the article about that in this issue and plan to join us all on a very personalized trip celebrating all that is Cunningham! 
Yours Aye!
Kelly Cunningham, CCI President

A Message from the President

​For all Clan Cunningham International members please update your Cunningham lineage with our Genealogist, Barbara has a new program that will assist in matching lineage. For those of you that are not members at this time, please sign up and get you Cunningham line to her to add to the program. Also take advantage of a very personal trip to Scotland with us in 2019.
Yours Aye
Kelly Cunningham
CCI President

​2019 Tri-Annual Meeting

                      Tentative Itinerary for 2019 Tour/Triennial

July 7 or 8        Fly into Glasgow Airport, travel to hotel, check-in; free                            time   (Depending on people’s arrival, they would                                  have time to sightsee, travel to Edinburgh, or to do                                whatever else they choose)
July 9               Visit Dumbarton and Finlaystone
July 10             Cunningham-Montgomery tour - led by Alastair                                     Cunningham. The feud between the Cunninghams                                 and Montgomeries and its impact on the history. Sites                           visited will include Annick and Lainshaw Bridge in                                 Stewarton, Kerelaw, Aiket Castle, Eglinton,                                             Robertland, and Clonbeith.
July 11             Bannockburn,Stirling Castle, and Cambuskenneth                                 Abbey
July 12            Glencairn Aisle (early am), Caprington Castle for
                        lunch/tour/triennial meeting
July 13            Optional Excursion - Robert Burns tour Alloway and                             Mauchline                

  The final cost of the trip will be determined once the itinerary is complete. We will be announcing that information soon. Also, we will soon be setting a deadline date for making a down payment for this much anticipated trip. Keep reading the newsletter for updates or send your inquiries to Sheryl Cunningham at sherylc12@msn.com. Updates will also be posted on our Clan Cunningham, Int’l webpage (www.clancunninghamintl.org) and on our Clan Cunningham Face Book page. 

Highlanders vs Lowlanders

  Go to the "Our Chief" page above for an interesting article on his thoughts on the "Highlanders vs Lowlanders" feud.

Colum Cille Pipeband Competes

The Colum Cille Pipe Band from Cape Cod, MA (in Cunningham Tartan) performing at the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow, Scotland on August 12, 2017
Our Vice-President, Alexander Cunningham and his wife Gabrielle with Bass Drummer.
Vice-President Alex ​at the unveiling of the plaque at Port of Menteith which honours "Don Roberto" Cunninghame Graham.
The plaque was unveiled on 14th October by Fiona Hyslop MSP,  Minister for Culture, Scottish Government.
​The unveiling ceremony was followed by a reception in Gartmore House, one time home of the Cunninghame Grahams and now a hotel, where I was photographed with Robin Cunninghame Graham.

Annual Dues Increase

Since our formation in 2002, Clan Cunningham International's annual membership dues have remained steady at $20.00 per year. In order to better serve our membership and fund the new "Clan Cunningham International Scholarship Fund",as well as other Clan related projects, effective 1/1/2018, Annual Dues will increase to $25.00 per year. Of the $5.00 increase, $2.00 will go to the general fund and $3.00 will go to the Scholarship Fund.

2018 Scottish Festival & Highland Games Schedule

The 2018 Scottich/Celtc Festival and Highland Games schedule will be updated as hosts are indentified and will be listed under the "Games" button above, that Clan Cunningham,Intl, plans to have a "Clan Tent" setup at. If you would like to host a Clan Tent or assist at any Games in your area, please contact any Officer listed under the "Council" button above. We are always looking for help and support in getting the word out about our heritage..

A message from Barbara Ball, our Clan Genealogist

​I am your Clan genealogist.  I am a professional, certified genealogist, and have been working and educating in the business for 13 years.  You may find my qualifications here:
In an effort to start getting our database online and searchable, it has become necessary to have all members wishing to contribute to this database reformat and resubmit their family information.
Please go to the "Documents" page and download "Genealogy Guidelines", as well as an "Ancestral Chart" for your use.


View all the photos that we've uploaded to our online gallery by clicking on the link below.

Whats New

Page Buttons
Please note that the button at the top of the page have changed. The "Home" button now has a drop-down that contains the "Announcements" and "Calendar" pages.  Also we now have a page dedicated to "Our Chief", which will contain information about and from the Chief.
The "Documents" page also has a drop-down that contains Minutes, and Annual reports.
Check the "Games" Page regularly so see if we will be Hosting a tent as a Festival or Games near you.
Also the Names button contains a dropdown with the Tartans.


To insure an exciting future for our Cunningham Family worldwide community, please consider supporting Clan Cunningham International (CCI) with a contribution. CCI is a non-political, non-sectarian and all volunteer operated organization. Registered as a non-profit US corporation, and as a IRS Section 501c3, public educational charity. All contributions are fully tax deductible for donor who are US citizens. Large or small your financial support of CCI is always greatly appreciated for our ever growing list of projects. Just go to the Documents page, and print out the "contribution form" and mail it in, or login to your PayPal account and make it that way.

Flowers of the Forest

Welcome New members

Rachel L. Cunningham CA
Eldon Lechtenberg & Family UT
Blaine Berkowitz SC
Brandi Ensminger LA
Julia Weidmann GA
Jeffry Scot Cunningham GA
David McComish NC
Tony Damigo FL
Cullen Rawson GA

Renewing Members
Barbara Ball Don & Sandra Morissette CT
Catherine Olsen GA
Rev. James Cunningham ​FL
Michael Cunningham CA
Stephen Cunningham TX
Ted Cunningham FL
Jerry D. Lester TX
Amy Dean GA
Ross Wyllie TN
Bill & Heather Rawson GA
Barb Imboden TX
Bruce V. Cunningham TX
Candace Sykes CA
Norman Cunningham GA
Martha Collins ​TX

Pleasanton Games 2017

President Kelly Cunningham and crew, 

Edinburgh Tattoo 2017

CCI member Kendra Brophy, daughter of Paul Brophy & Nancy Cunningham, is an accomplished Scottish dancer and is performing in this year’s Royal Edinburgh Tattoo in Scotland. A tattoo is typically defined as a military performance of music or display of armed forces in general. At one time there were many tattoos associated with the games in America but the cost of these events has now curtailed the number now associated with games. Canada's Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo is the largest annual indoor tattoo, each year featuring over 2000 performers from around the world.

​Introducing the Clan Cunningham International Educational Scholarship Fund   

​CCI is pleased to announce the establishment of its first Educational Scholarship Fund.  In 2015, the CCI Governing Council gave its approval to the concept of a scholarship fund to grant financial awards to CCI members to further their education in studies pertaining to Scotland and/or Clan Cunningham, in such areas as, but not limited to: history, culture, music, dance, genealogy, or to undertake any other viable project that would promote Scottish culture and/or Clan Cunningham.
 ​ To make reasonable amounts for awards, the Committee will wait until at least $500 has been raised and placed in its account before soliciting applications and establishing an application deadline. If fund raising starts now, we hope this amount and even more can be raised by January 1, 2018, so that the first scholarship awards will be able to be granted in late April 2018.  Members will be informed when the funds raised will allow these dates to be finalized and the actual application process can be started for 2018. The Committee will review the applications, select winners and determine the amount of the awards.
Please go to the "Documents" page for complete details and Application form, etc.

Two Must-have Reference Books for Sale by Clan Cunningham International

"A Travel Guide to Clan Cunningham Historical Sites Around the World. Volume One: Scotland" and "The Clan Cunningham History Book", are for sale.

Please click the "Documents" button above for more information.


View all the events that we've added to our online calendars here.


We have a new link for those Cunninghams from the Emerald Isle.

Glencairn Aisle Project

Friends, Brothers, Cousins, Countrymen, we need your help.
The Glencairn Aisle Project is well on its way. The window are been made. But, due to deterioration of the surrounding stonework, there are added costs. Please see the letter from Susan Bradbury, on the Glencairn Aisle Project page.
We need your help to fund these added costs and complete the installation of the windows. Please make a donation to the Glencairn Aisle Project. Just go to the "Documents" page and print out the Contribution form and mail it in with your contribution, or login in to your PayPal account and make it to Clan Cunningham Intl.