For over 200 years our Clan has not had a Clan Chief.  Clan Cunningham International welcomes Sir John as our Clan Chief!

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Welcome to Clan Cunningham International !

Clan Cunningham International was founded as an organization for all persons of Cunningham descent, regardless of viewpoints, as well as for persons descending from the District of Cunninghame families, or for those who wish to help promote the proud history of our clan. The organization has evolved and grown greatly in these few short years and represents Clan Cunningham at Scottish Games and Celtic festivals all over the United States, Canada, Scotland and New Zealand, just to mention a few. And our presence isn't limited strictly to the US! We now have members in New Zealand, England, Canada, and Scotland.

Clan Cunningham is a proud member of the Council of Scottish Clans and Associations since 2002.

Chief's Message

Officers of CCI,

Many of you have been kind enough to send me welcoming congratulations on being officially recognised by the Lord Lyon as Chief of the name of Cunninghame. Actually this matter will not be completely ratified until the 23rd January 2014. In one sense it would have been better to have kept the matter under wraps until then.
I made a promise to those who were at the dinner in Glasgow some three years ago that I would formalise my position as Head of the Family if you so wished. With your encouragement I started making the necessary arrangements to accomplish this. After a few months of preparation I was confident that the matter would be settled in a further two or three months. However a Respondent appeared and both my lawyers and the Lyon's office had to consider the matter much more rigorously. The matter then dragged on for over two and a half years, took a great deal of my time and I might add, money. Although I never doubted the outcome, it has been an irksome delay for all of us. For this I apologise, but there was nothing I could do to speed things up. On the 23rd January we will have finality and I greatly hope you will be pleased at that.
In the Western World life has been pretty tough over the last few years, but the economic outlook both in the United States and in Britain seems to be gradually improving. Let us hope that 2014 will be a good and happy year for all of us and for Clan Cunningham International.
I wish you a successful and rewarding New Year. May God bless you all
John Cunninghame"

President's Message

Hello everyone. We are working hard at the meetings to update and improve our newsletter and web-site. I urge you all to participate - you don't have to be on the Governing Council to submit and propose ideas.Any Council member can be contacted to present your ideas and/or concerns at the next meeting.  Thank you and enjoy the Holidays.   Kelly Cunningham  CCI President 


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In March 2014, Gillian Hunt and Fintan of the Ulster Historical Foundation will undertake another of their annual lecture tours in the USA.  The Ulster Historical Foundation is a long-established, highly reputable research and publishing agency. It offers extensive knowledge for tracing Irish and Scots-Irish ancestors.
Denver, CO., March 8, 2014
Des Moines, IA. March 10, 2014
Lincoln, NE., March 11, 2014
Bolingbrook, IL., March 12, 2014
Chicago, IL., March 13, 2014
Memphis, TN., March 15, 2014
Boise, ID., March 16-17, 2014
Greenburg, PA March 20, 2014
Philadelphia, PA., March 21, 2014
Other dates may be added soon
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Whats New

We have added two new online vendors to our web-site. The Cafe Press and The Plaid Uniq-orn. Both of these site offer Clan specific items.  A percentage of all sales are returned to CCI.  When ordering fron the Plaid Uniq-orn you will receive a 10% discount and will donate an addition 10% to our origanization, when using the code "Cunningham-SALTX-1301".

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2013 CCI Dinner 08-31-2013

Bannockburn Live 2014

                               June 23-24, 2014

   The 700th anniversary of the "Battle of Bannockburn" will be celebrated with the opening of the brand new Battle of Bannockburn visitor centre and Gathering of the Clans. The Clans represented were limited to only 40 and Clan Cunningham International was selected as one. With reenactments, Clans and the visitor centre, developed in partnership between the National Trust for Scotland and Historic Scotland, it will be a world-class experience.
For more information: Battle of Bannockburn

Two Must-have Reference Books for Sale by Clan Cunningham International

"A Travel Guide to Clan Cunningham Historical Sites Around the World. Volume One: Scotland" and "The Clan Cunningham History Book", are for sale.

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