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Clan Cunningham International, founded in 2002 is a non-political,non-sectarian, all volunteer, non-profit corporation registered in the Stat of Tennesse. As a registered non-profit organization, under IRS Code Section 501(c) (3), (public educational charity) all donations to support its activities are tax deductible within the limitation of federal tax codes for donors who are US citizens.
Membership is open to all Cunninghams around the world by birth, marriage, or adoption, and to the descendants of the Associated Families of the Districts of Cunninghame and Ayrshire in Scotland, as well as to anyone with an interest in or wishing to promote the great heritage of Clan Cunningham. 
The organization has evolved and grown greatly in these few short years and represents Clan Cunningham at Scottish Games and Celtic festivals all over the United States, Canada, Scotland and New Zealand, just to mention a few. And our presence isn't limited strictly to the US! We now have
members in New Zealand, England, Canada, and Scotland.
Our Clan Chief, Sir John Christopher Foggo Montgomery Cuninghame, Baronet of Corsehill, is a member of our Governing Council.
A list of Associated Families, list of our Governing Council, By-Laws, and other important information may be found on this web-site.

Clan Cunningham is a proud member of the Council of Scottish Clans and Associations since 2002.

Chief's Message

Officers of CCI,

Many of you have been kind enough to send me welcoming congratulations on being officially recognised by the Lord Lyon as Chief of the name of Cunninghame. Actually this matter will not be completely ratified until the 23rd January 2014. In one sense it would have been better to have kept the
matter under wraps until then.
I made a promise to those who were at the dinner in Glasgow some three years ago that I would formalise my position as Head of the Family if you so wished. With your encouragement I started making the necessary arrangements to accomplish this. After a few months of preparation I was confident
that the matter would be settled in a further two or three months. However a Respondent appeared and both my lawyers and the Lyon's office had to consider the matter much more rigorously. The matter then dragged on for over two and a half years, took a great deal of my time and I might add,
money. Although I never doubted the outcome, it has been an irksome delay for all of us. For this I apologise, but there was nothing I could do to speed things up. On the 23rd January we will have finality and I greatly hope you will be pleased at that.
In the Western World life has been pretty tough over the last few years, but the economic outlook both in the United States and in Britain seems to be gradually improving. Let us hope that 2014 will be a good and happy year for all of us and for Clan Cunningham International.
I wish you a successful and rewarding New Year. May God bless you all
John Cuninghame"

President's Message

Hello Clan Members,I wanted to express my gratitude and I am sure I am speaking for those who attended the Triennial based on the wonderful feedback on what a great time everyone had, so much effort was put in by Nancy her husband Paul and Daughter Kendra, and sister Mary.You all were so open in welcoming us all, everything was perfect from the Hotel to the Meet & Greet, to the Dinner and entertainment and Games.the Fergus Games offered a wide arrangement of entertainment for all ages I think one of my favorites was the step by step instruction and demonstration on building a dry stack wall which is how they do this in Europe.I urge you all to visit Canada and the Fergus Games and support Nancy and her family we were so well received by the locals and the businesses, and the royal bank of Canada was very pleased in assisting with the money exchange at a better rate than at the machines in the Airport, just a useful hint.So now we go into saving mode again for our next Triennial to Scotland in 2019 many wonderful plans in the works so watch for updates.Please enjoy the games as this game season will be winding down soon.
Take good care Kelly Cunningham
CCI President

2016 Tri-Annual Meeting

The 2016 Clan Cunningham International Tri-Annual Meeting was held  on August 12-14, 2016, at the Fergus Scottish Festival. Starting with a Meet & Greet at the home of Mary Cunningham. The setting was beautiful. Saturday found everyone lined up for the opening ceremonies when a severe thunderstorm came thru and tried to drown us out. Due to the weather, the game shut down at 2:00pm. The Tri-Annual Meeting was held Saturday evening at the Clan Dinner. Sunday found the Games under blue skies. Again, we wish to express our thanks and gratitude to Nancy and Mary for a wonderful job of hosting our Tri-Annual get-to-gether.

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​2019 Tri-Annual Meeting

The 2019 Clan Cunningham International Tri-Annual Meeting will be held in Scotland. For more information, go to the "Documents" page above and download the "Preliminary Itinerary. Remember, this only a preliminary, and is subject to change. So check back often.


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Whats New

Page Buttons
Please note that the button at the top of the page have changed. The "Home" button now has a drop-down that contains the "Announcements" and "Calendar" pages.  Also we now have a page dedicated to "Our Chief", which will contain information about and from the Chief.
The "Documents" page also has a drop-down that contains Minutes, and Annual reports.
Check the "Games" Page regularly so see if we will be Hosting a tent as a Festival or Games near you.
Also the Names button contains a dropdown with the Tartans.


To insure an exciting future for our Cunningham Family worldwide community, please consider supporting Clan Cunningham International (CCI) with a contribution. CCI is a non-political, non-sectarian and all volunteer operated organization. Registered as a non-profit US corporation, and as a IRS Section 501c3, public educational charity. All contributions are fully tax deductible for donor who are US citizens. Large or small your financial support of CCI is always greatly appreciated for our ever growing list of projects. Just go to the Documents page, and print out the "contribution form" and mail it in, or login to your PayPal account and make it that way.

Flowers of the Forest

Welcome New members

Peter Ross Cunningham BC, Canada
Jerry R. Cunningham MS
Kimi Ruiz CA
David & Stephanie Ruiz CA
Melanie Ley CA
Laura Reichart

Renewing Members
Robert A. Cunningham MS
Douglas Cunningham ​CA
Robert & Chris Cunningham IN
John J. McNamara MA
Kelly J. Cunningham CA

Fergus 2016

Members of CCI at the Fergus Highland Games and Tri-Annual Meeting 2016.

Two Must-have Reference Books for Sale by Clan Cunningham International

"A Travel Guide to Clan Cunningham Historical Sites Around the World. Volume One: Scotland" and "The Clan Cunningham History Book", are for sale.

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We have a new link for those Cunninghams from the Emerald Isle.

Glencairn Aisle Project

Friends, Brothers, Cousins, Countrymen, we need your help.
The Glencairn Aisle Project is well on its way. The window are been made. But, due to deterioration of the surrounding stonework, there are added costs. Please see the letter from Susan Bradbury, on the Glencairn Aisle Project page.
We need your help to fund these added costs and complete the installation of the windows. Please make a donation to the Glencairn Aisle Project. Just go to the "Documents" page and print out the Contribution form and mail it in with your contribution, or login in to your PayPal account and make it to Clan Cunningham Intl.