Genealogy Sites
The following is a list of research sites. Enter your ancestor’s name and see what you can find.
If you enter just the surname, you can get millions of names, so filter it down with the full name and/or their location.
Besides these, don’t forget the local and state libraries. County research sites are also on the net. Some are free after registration, which is free too. Others charge a membership fee, but may have a trial period.
We can’t do the research for you, but will, from time to time update this list.
Free Research Sites:
Family Search
Find a Grave
PRONI (Public Records Office
of Northern Ireland)
National Archives of Scotland
Scottish Genealogy
Genealogy.Com (Cunningham
Linen Hall Library (Belfast)
Sites Requiring a Registration Fee: (family tree resource)
Genealogy Bank
Ulster Historical Foundation (7-day membership free) (hourly, monthly, or annual fee)
Sites with links to Genealogy Websites:
This website reviews the top ten genealogy websites and links you to the website:
This website, Cyndi’s List, links you to hundreds of genealogy websites and other resources:

Clans, Games, Tartans, Titles & More

Finlaystone House  seat of Cunningham Earls of Glencairn from 1399 – 1796. Open to the public
Clan Dunlop/Dunlap  one of our affiliated family names.
The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs – official website
Court of the Lord Lyon of Scotland – the official site
Society of Scottish Armigers  explains what an armiger is and the legal use a coat of arms
Council of Scottish Clans and Associations (COSCA)
Electric Scotland a great resource for a wide variety of Scottish research and reference needs
Association of Scottish Games and Festivals
Scottish Tartans Museum
Tartans of Scotland
The American Scottish Foundation
The Caledonian Foundation USA
Scottish Heritage USA
Scottish-American Military Society
Corneila Bush – a great friend of CCI. professional genealogist certified for Scotland research
Alliance France-Ecosse  celebrating the auld French-Scottish alliances – Cunningham castles, too!

Clothing and Misc. Scottish/Celtic Items

The Scottish Weaver excellent selection of tartan in a wide variety of fabrics
Chivalry Sports Renaissance Store
Clansman Knitwear
Museum Replicas, Ltd.
Scottish Lion Import Shop
Utilikilts They’re so hot, they’re cool! Meet the newest kilt on the block!
Clan MacBubba – Magnum, Mallum et Tartanum (Big, Bad, and Plaid!)

Celtic Arts & Culture

Ceolas Celtic Music Guide – a great introduction to celtic music
Green Linnet Records – largest Celtic record label
Royal Scottish Country Dance Society – main website with links to branches
Thistle and Shamrock – weekly celtic music program on NPR
Celtic Connections – the world’s largest celtic music festival (Glasgow)
New World Celts   bringing together descendents of the seven Celtic nations around the world
Caberdancer Graphic Design great graphic designers with a Scottish flair!
Lark In The Morning – large collection of traditional folk instruments
The Swannanoa Gathering – celtic music workshops  in the NC mountains
Cape Cod Pipes & Drums – a great pipe band that wears Cunningham tartan
Dana Cunningham – beautiful, contemplative piano music. Also available on iTunes
McLean Scotland – a recommended Scottish Tour company. Individual or group touring plans.

Scottish American Publications

Scottish Life
The Highlander
The Scottish Banner
Scots – the quarterly publication of U.S. Scots

Scots and Scottish Gaelic (Gaidhlig) Language

Wir Ain Leid – An Introduction To Modern Scots
AGCA – Gaelic Society of America
Sabhal Mor Ostaig – Gaidhlig college on the Isle of Skye
Save Gaelic